Rachel Korman struggled to find a mentor since her first day in the industry back in September of 2006.  With every salon she hung her hat, including a few of the top in the industry, she would quickly realize their systems were not set up for people like her, a young stylist eager to connect on a deeper level with her clients while delivering a world class result.

These experiences led to heartbreak and a yearning for change in the industry.

But what was first a source of immense frustration became a gift for Rachel.  She felt pulled by a force telling her to create what she always wished she had found and make it sustainable.  She wants to answer every question and solve every problem in order to do it better.  To change the way it has always been done.  To include those creative souls who struggle to believe in themselves.  To find the ones who work from their hearts.  To deeply care and give without expectation. To help them discover their worth and then charge their worth.  To ultimately unlock the truth of what makes that relationship between mentor and mentee incredibly vital. 

With this mission, the Mane Stay team tirelessly pursues education in order to uncover what others consider “trade secrets” and bring them home to deliver the best possible service we can.

The Mane Stay team absolutely loves the connection we foster with each client who walks in.  We invite those who are searching for a true partnership and collaboration.  We discourage those looking for the old school ways of doing things.  We are young, synergistic, full of energy and here to breathe life into the St. Petersburg hair scene by connecting with our clients on a more profound level than ever before.